Telegram channels and chats with nod32 keys have a simple and useful feature that you can use to pin the message you want. This means that it will always be visible to those who enter the channel. In such a post, you can include important information, an announcement of some event, a menu, an advertising link or anything else. Let’s see how to anchor a message in Telegram.

Instructions for Windows S and macO

The process is not complicated, performed literally in a couple of steps. The algorithm is the same for both versions, so we will not describe separately for each.
We do the following:

1. 1. Go to your channel or group;

2. 2. Choose the post you want to fix;

3. Right-click on it and select “Commit Post.

To commit a post in the desktop version of Telegram, right-click and select the corresponding item
Done! Now every visitor will see the desired post at the top of the conversation window.

Working in the desktop version, you have more opportunities for beautiful text formatting, but the mobile apps are almost as good at it.

With the latest updates, Telegram has practically leveled the text editing features, so you can prepare and collate a beautiful publication literally on the go.

Instructions for Android and iOS
If you need to give your readers some information urgently and you’re on the road, for example, that’s okay. In mobile applications, it is not any more difficult to do this.

The algorithm is as follows:

1. Go to your channel or chat room in Telegram;

Tap on the desired post and choose “Pin” in the pop-up menu.

Simple. Now the post will always be at the top of the Telegram window, and it will be very difficult not to see it.

The sequence of actions is the same for both operating systems.

Pinning your Telegram posts in combination with other features will help you make your channel or group prettier, more efficient, and more interesting. Combined with other useful features, you can better communicate important information to your readers.

To make sure that the anchored entry in the supergroup reaches as large an audience as possible, you can use a useful option when creating it. It’s not difficult, just leave the “Notify all participants” option checked.

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Come in and you’re sure to find something useful, and at the same time you’ll have plenty of examples for designing your own channel or group.