Telegram announced new options in the app. These include filters for search, the ability to anonymously administer groups, the function of commenting on posts in channels, and others. This was reported by the press service of the company.

Search filters

With the new search filters, you can find messages with the types of attachments you want. The found results are shown on separate tabs: “Media”, “Links”, “Files” and so on. You can also limit the date range by typing the desired date in the search bar.

It is noted that in a similar way, you can search for messages from a specific user, group, channel or bot. You can overlay filters by post type, date, and source to find the post you are looking for.

“The obvious purpose of tabs is to make it easier to find messages. But you can also use them to view all media files from all your chats and channels in one chronological feed, ”says Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram.

Anonymous admins in groups

The administrator can now be hidden from the list of group members. To do this, you need to enable anonymity in the list of administrator rights. After that, his messages in the chat will be published on behalf of the group, as it happens in the channels.

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Comments in channels

The posts of the channels to which the chats are linked have been supplemented with the commenting function. It is noted that comments for each post are shown separately, but they can also be viewed through the discussion group. You don’t have to join the chat to write comments. In this case, replies to the left comments will come through a special chat “Answers”.

The restrictions set by the chat administrators also apply to comments. You can enable comments for your channel in the channel settings in the “Discussion” section.

“What I love about our implementation of comments is that they are indistinguishable from group chat. In fact, all comments are located in a group attached to the channel, ”Durov comments.
New animated emoji

New animated emoji have been added to the messenger.

Other innovations for Android

The Android app has new smooth animations when invoking or hiding the keyboard, and when switching between day and night themes via the main menu on the left. In addition, new pop-up notifications have been added – for example, when deleting messages, changing alert settings for chats, or saving media.

Update from 10/05/2020: Pavel Durov noted that comments in the channels will remain optional and will be disabled by default.

“We think that commenting on channels is fun, but most channels do not need comments,” Durov writes in his Telegram channel.

He also added that the ability to use comments was a “great upgrade” for feeds that used to use the web comment bot. The creator of the messenger explained that their own comments are faster, have more options for posting and moderation, and also have built-in notifications about replies.

At the same time, Durov said that he did not want to complicate the functionality of Telegram, so the comments in the channels look like chats, and not like two-level comments in various social networks.