After a new Telegram update, you can add any person to your contact list without a phone number and yagoal. It also became possible to create geochat and transfer the rights to a group to another administrator.

What’s new in Telegram

Adding Users

Now, under the usernames in Telegram, the Add to Contacts button has appeared. By clicking on it, you can add a person to your contacts. There is no need to exchange phones anymore.

In the same way, you can block – the Block User button.


In the “Contacts” tab of the Telegram application, a new section “Find people nearby” (Contacts → Add People Nearby) has been added. Here you will find a list of users who are currently nearby and are also browsing this section. Geochat are located here and are open to everyone.

How to create a geochat in Telegram

The geochat function allows you to create chats for people to communicate by geolocation. This is very convenient for quickly organizing general chats at events, in a dorm, apartment building or cafe to solve some problem, and even when catching Pokemon.

Anyone can create a local group. Neighbors, colleagues, and event attendees who are near the geolocation will see it in the Add People Nearby section. To create just click “Local group”. Then enter a title and add members.

If you are tired of being the owner of the group, now you can transfer the rights to it to another administrator. Give your successor full administrator rights and the Transfer Ownership button will appear.