To launch a new product and premalatha chinnu leaked video: When Sony released a new model of phone with an improved camera in 2002, they sent actors to the most popular tourist spots in New York. They asked passers-by to take a photo against the background of the sights, and at the same time talked about the advantages of the phone.

To increase brand awareness: in the film “Italian Job” a team of three Mini-Coopers can be safely attributed to the main characters. And what feelings do we have for the main characters? Another example from the movie: who among us was not touched by the scene where Tom Hanks opens the Fed-Ex package? In Russian cinema, hidden marketing often looks very rude, so “shoot” on the Internet if you do not have multi-million dollar budgets and ambitions to conquer Hollywood.

To draw attention to a product or company: what was the cost of a huge dragon shadow that regularly caught people’s eyes in newspapers, on billboards and even in projections on buildings, hinting at the release of the new season of the Game of Thrones! Such promotions generate a lot of discussion, which makes covert marketing even more effective. I bet you also discussed eggs from MTS in 2006?

To increase loyalty: in the movie about the little robot WALL-E, the sound of the MacOS operating system is heard during the reboot. A tiny detail that most will miss, immediately creates a sense of belonging among brand fans.